What’s Different about Bread & Boxers?
Essentials are things that we need, the most basic items that provide comfort or perform a necessary function. Basics by nature are simple, the foundations of daily life.
Bread & Boxers are created with simplicity, comfort and functionality in mind. All pieces are expertly designed in Sweden and crafted from either 100% or 94% cotton for a soft touch and a superb fit that flatters the body without constricting or compressing.

Why Essential?
For one, our boxers are unembellished; perfect for those who prefer to leave logos out of their look. Fit and fabrication are most important for the Bread & Boxers customer, who wants comfort in an understated, stylish way. Second, our tee shirts are unique: they can be worn either as undershirts or styled alone with your favorite jeans or shorts. More structured than your ordinary tee, Bread & Boxers tee shirts also include special finishing touches such as invisible stitching. Available in either regular or relaxed fit, once you wear Bread & Boxers tee shirts, you will always want them to be a part of your daily routine.

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